COVID-19 Response

“The COVID-19 pandemic has raised a long-known but overlooked truth: frontline medical teams are regularly put in high-pressure, high-stakes environments that require a level of resilience seen in few other disciplines. As the pandemic continues, we’re taking deep learnings from around the world to think about a future in healthcare driven by better understanding human performance in medicine, at both the individual and team levels.” 

Brian Ferguson-CEO Arena Labs


The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated demands for remote patient monitoring and digital health. Perfect Care-through the generous support of The Duke Endowment-has led this transformation of cardiac care and is working hard to share and scale these emerging competencies with other institutions in the Carolinas and beyond. Simultaneously, we are strengthening our relationships with experts in strategy, decision making, teamwork, resiliency, and technology to discover synergies and continuously improve healthcare.




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